1. What is Startward and how does it work?

Startward is a dedicated platform for helping in the journey of start-ups – upwards and onwards. It is an online market place where startups/SME can post their requirements and get competitive bids from verified professionals. While startups gets multiple options to choose from; professionals on the other side can be assured that they have won a competitive bid and their payment is secured and will be released as per agreed milestones.

2. What type of services does Startward provide?

Startward provides a very wide array of services which includes assistance in company formation, tax/regulatory compliances, valuation advisory, website designing, app designing, HR services, mentors search, CXO level experts, co-founders, lawyers, chartered accountants, company secretory, professional advisory and all that is needed for the startup/SME to jump through the business hurdle that otherwise takes too much of time commitment.

3. What sort of payment do we accept?

Startward accepts online payment through net banking, digital wallets, domestic debit cards and domestic and international credit cards.

4. How does Startward’s bidding system work?

Once the project owner (startup/SME) posts the requirement, it is available for suitable vendor to bid on it. The project owner evaluates the options and chooses the partner whom they are comfortable with, after considering the price, time and past experience. Both the company and professionals agree on the work, timelines and price along with milestones (through the interactive real time messaging system), the platform collects the agreed fee upfront and release it as per the achievement of milestones, post confirmation of the same from the startup/SME

5. As a service provider why am I asked to give information about my credentials, KYC, experience?

We believe you are the best and would like the same to be displayed transparently on the platform. The quality and exhaustiveness of information will help the Startup/Company to derive comfort while choosing the right partner to give their work. Remember the final price is not necessarily the least price, but it is one where one finds value.

6. If I post my work, in how much time can I have someone who wishes to do my work?

The time frame is totally dependent upon the comfort and availability of the professionals to work on the given project. However, we as a platform take extra effort to speak to the matching professionals and try to get the suitable partner for you. We are positive that you should get bids fairly quickly.

7. How do I choose which service provider will be best for the job?

Once you receive bids for your project, you should look at the profile of each professional who placed a bid and check on their information, past work, experience for the job and once you are comfortable start discussing with the one most fitted for the job. The beauty of the platform is that it lets you decide the partners on the basis of parameters which matter to you.

8. How secure is the information that I give to Startward?

We understand that the information that you share with us is very sensitive and precious for you, therefore Startward makes sure that all of it is handled very carefully and that you enjoy the top notch encryption and safety. The information you share with us is safe and can not be leaked or used against you. For further information, please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

8. How do I get started with Startward as a vendor?

All you need to do is login, provide required information and register successfully. Make sure that your profile has detailed information about what type of service you provide, your skills, and also include some previous works you have done for reference. Then begin looking for work you wish to do and bid on it, putting your best quote.

9. How do I get started with Startward as a startup?

All you need to do is log in, post the requirement you are looking for, we will find suitable vendors for it. They will bid on the work and you can later choose the one who possess necessary skill sets and fits within the budget and get the work done!

10. How will Startward help me and why should I choose Startward over others?

Startward is a unique platform where a startup can find all the assistance it needs to grow. We work with you for all your execution needs, right through the initial phases to your growth phases. The sweeter part is that because of the bidding system of Startward, you are sure to get the best price possible and also the benefit of having multiple choices.