Our origination stems from our firm belief that while start-ups are the founding pillars of entrepreneurship culture in this country, often they have to go through a long and winding road that is full of uncertainties, agony, and even self-doubt. The odds of surviving are probably less than 1% and hence, even some potential home-run ideas do not see the light of the day!

Our Genesis

The phase between idea and execution is most critical in the journey of a start-up. Majority of the start-ups, who could not make it, faltered during this phase. Founders of majority of the successful start-ups would agree that this phase gave them most sleepless nights.

In this phase, start-ups have to take several critical decisions on issues including company structure, choosing right cofounders, compliance, resources, investment among others. Many start-up founders have a great idea, product or service but lack the experience and expertise related to starting a company and taking the first few critical steps, which define the path of the company in at least short to medium term. Most failed or struggling start-ups wish they had holistic execution support at the beginning of their journey as that would have prevented them from trying to reinvent the wheel and wasting countless hours – especially on non-core activities. That is precisely the challenge that we at Startward help start-ups overcome.

Startward is a dedicated platform for helping in the journey of start-ups – upwards and onwards. Having gone through such troubles ourselves in the initial days of our other ventures, we understand that ‘right support at the right time’ can significantly help in clearing the path and propel the start-ups towards their objectives.

So how can we help or more importantly, in which aspects of a start-up journey can we provide support?
Before we answer that, let us exclude funding requirements from the equation. While we can certainly help start-ups in finding investors, the country currently has an evolved financial system in which start-ups can get funding from multiple sources including friends and family, financial institutions, angel investors, VCs, PE firms and even family offices. We strongly believe that getting the funding is not an issue if (a) the idea/product/service has merit (that is where you come in) and (b) if the business is structured properly – and that is where we can help you.

We offer an ecosystem that will help in structuring your business in a manner that appeals to potential investors. The ecosystem includes professionals who respect your ideas and can help you with all your requirements. The requirement could be as basic as designing a website or as critical as tax/regulatory compliance, staffing, professional advisory. We do acknowledge that with your passion and commitment, you would be able to find the answers however, we save you time and money. More importantly, we can find you the right and most-trusted solutions/providers at best prices. 

We also give you freedom to select from the multiple options with sufficient details in order to make an informed decision. So what are you waiting for, feel special, just tell us what you need, explore out of multiple options, choose the best match and Get it done !